Our Story

It all started with an impulsive decision to bid on a dilapidated caravan on Freecycle - the plan, to make it into a super-hip home studio.  As this 80's throwback sat growing mould in our garden, the powertools stayed silent but the idea for Caravan took root - to build our own boutique design studio with a singular purpose: to create imaginative work for inspiring brands.  With over 40 years combined experience in the design & marketing industries, we have been fortunate enough to work with some exceptional creative minds and some of the world's most well known brands during our careers.  Setting up on our own has allowed us to use our experience and relationships to get back to doing what we love - creating outstanding content for industry leading brands. Sadly the caravan never evolved into the studio of our dreams and soon ended up back on Freecycle - but as a catalyst it was worth it's weight in gold.

Our Services

Illustration  |  Animation  |  Design  |  Art Direction  |  User Experience

“Creative…check. Efficient…check. Super collaborative…check. The Caravan team not only “got” what we were trying to do right away, but went above and beyond in delivering the best possible experience for us!”
Gabe Huffstutler, Digital Content Specialist, LEGO
“Caravan showed great patience, creativity and above all else a desire to work closely with us to meet our needs. Key to good graphic design is understanding the values and ethos of the organisation and this has proved to be one of Caravan’s many strengths.”
Nick White, Principal, PHCA
“Thanks to the Caravan team for everything you’ve done for us this year. The materials we’re producing now are so much more professional and slick than they ever were and that’s down to your creativity…and ability to turn things round in a nanosecond!”
Darren Black, Head of Product, Working Voices

Live Small - Think Big!

We love where we live and even though we are a small agency, we feel it is important to do our bit for both our local community and the environment.  Whilst we maintain a small studio the majority of our team work from home on a daily basis, which keeps our carbon footprint to a minimum.  We hold many of our meetings with both our internal teams and clients over Skype and when we do meet face to face, we plan our journeys to cause as little impact as possible.  In the studio itself we use recycled paper products where possible and do as much digitally as we can.  We are aiming to eliminate single-use plastic from the studio by the end of 2018, which shouldn’t be too difficult now that we have found a re-useable metal coffee pod to fuel Dan’s coffee addiction!