Paultons Park

Lost Kingdom Themepark Brand Development

It's always great to collaborate with other creative teams, so we jumped at the chance to work with the talented crew at Metamob when they asked us to work with them on the branding for the new Lost Kingdom attraction being developed by their client Paultons Park. Dinosaurs, rollercoasters and lost civilisations - what's not to love! We sharpened our pencils, dusted off our dino books and cranked the Temple of Doom soundtrack to produce a suite of logos that could be used around the theme park.

We produced seven logo's for the main attractions and all of the relevant signage to be used around the park. Everything was sketched and concepted by hand and then worked up into final vector artwork in illustrator - big dinosaurs need big logos!

Keen to get some great shots of the logos in situ, we sent in our photographer friend Kass and his intrepid family - they attacked their mission with gusto and left no ride unridden! Not sure who enjoyed it more the kids or Kass..