Naturally Curious Exhibition Graphics

We don't often get to keep it local, but when we do it is a real pleasure! The Dorset County Museum is a local gem and has recently been in the spotlight due to the fact it was the first museum to receive the Natural History Museum's Dippy the Dinosaur as he set off on his tour of the UK. To compliment the Dippy exhibition the DCM were looking for an interactive kids experience to increase the dwell time of the children in the museum. Run by the DCM's education department and funded by The Arts Council, the brief was to provide a workshop that was both educational and encouraged the children to create a piece of art. We started with Dan creating hand drawn illustrations of his favourite subject matter, which we translated into large scale posters that encouraged the children to really think about what they know about dinosaurs and how we can use that information to try and work out what they look like. The activity was incredibly popular with the children and some fantastic paleoart was produced!

The exhibition looks tremendous and brings Trinity House to the visitors in a most accessible yet considered way.
Trinity House