Design + Build of Interactive Comic

The brief was to create an interactive comic experience for the latest range of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles products using supplied artwork from 'in-box' comics. Inspired by 'Choose Your Own Adventure' style storytelling, this HTML 5 experience allows you to choose and follow the plot threads of each Turtle as they try to catch the nefarious Shredder. A key driver for the experience was the encouragement of alternative building and to inspire imaginations for real-world play. Extracting all of the elements from the comic artwork was a lengthy process and in a lot of cases I had to redraw assets so they could then be animated. Working with a 3D artist I also created a number of desktop images showing the characters in all their glory. Work doesn't get more fun than this!

"Creative…check. Efficient…check. Super collaborative…check. The Caravan team not only “got” what we were trying to do right away, but went above and beyond in delivering the best possible experience for us."

Gabe Huffstutler, Digital Content Specialist, LEGO