Parkwood Hall

Website Design

Having worked with Parkwood Hall on their re-branding project, the Caravan team was asked to design and develop a new website to serve as a vibrant introduction to the school, it's staff, students and the incredible work they do. The challenge was to present the wonderful personality of PHCA and their students and staff into a contemporary functional site that serves as a go to resource for everything about the school, from marketing to information & compliance. The first step was to get in touch with our residential photographer Kass and go down and spend some time with the staff and students and try to capture the spirit of the school on film. With the photographs taken and the new brand ready to go, we were able to create an authentic digital representation of the school that also delivered all of the content required to the varying user groups. We also built a fully user friendly CMS so the Parkwood team are able to manage their own content moving forward.