Website Design + Build

This website build was one of our biggest challenges to date. Unique is the largest charity in the world supporting people affected by rare chromosome disorders and the brief was to design and build a new site with a contemporary on-brand design & improved functionality that performed in three distinct areas:

To raise the profile of Unique on the world stage and encourage more supporters to join, support & donate to the charity. To provide a go to forum for individuals and families affected by rare chromosome disorders for communication, support and awareness. To deliver resources to both medical professionals and family members to further develop knowledge and treatment within this area.

On top of that, the Unique site has a huge amount of content which needs to be easily accessible to all users and the Unique team needed a user friendly CMS system to manage and update this vast amount of content. This has been a long project with a hugely satisfying end result, which has led to Unique reporting a huge increase in their number of members signing up!