National Maritime Museum (RMG)

Game Design + Illustration

When Caravan won the pitch to produce two interactive experiences for part of the NMM's exciting new Children's Gallery - the aptly named 'AHOY!' - I was obviously very excited. The challenge was to design an interactive game that enabled kids to experience piloting an Icebreaker ship across the beautiful expanses of the polar regions. The first phase was to develop an illustration style that would appeal to kids whilst also accurately representing the icebreaker, the polar environment and its native animals.  Working with the NMM team, we decided on an illustrative low-poly style as it really captured the essence of the icy landscape whilst also being quite realistic, each element was initially sketched by hand then built in 3D before being imported into the game developed in Unity.  The game had to give an impression of steering an Icebreaker, whilst educating the kids playing on the challenges that these research teams would face when undertaking invaluable research - and all within a 4 minute dwell time!