What we do

Founded in 2010, by an award winning team of designers, developers & marketeers each with over 20 years experience within the industry. Caravan is a creative agency based in Dorset, but we learnt our craft working together in Brighton back in the days when we thought nothing of turning up to a meeting on a skateboard and wearing a beanie whatever the weather.

We are a small agency for a reason, we live and breathe creativity and have made a conscious decision to keep our business at a size that allows us to keep doing what we love - creating for our clients. This allows us to be incredibly agile, immersing ourselves fully in the projects we are working on and adapting when needed by supplementing our highly experienced in-house team with a wider network of trusted collaborators when necessary for any given project.

Our Services

Branding - Design & Illustration  - Animation & Motion Graphics - Web Design & UX Planning  

eCommerce Content Development - Art Direction - Photography